Throughout the year, Ignite Fitness hosts a variety of events including nutrition-based events such as the Transformation Challenge or competition-based events such as Barbells for Boobs. In addition, we often organize 5K races or other events to raise funds for various charities or one of our members in need.


Transformation challenge cost is $20 per person.

There are prizes for individual male, female and team winners!

There will be a combined body fat % loss plus point total for winner of both men and women.



Per Serving Description Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Total

-1 Dairy in coffee

-3 Non-fat Greek Yogurt

-5 Grains including rice, bread, pasta, cake, cookies, cereal, etc

-3 Oatmeal if prepared with no added sugar

-5 Legumes including peanuts, soy beans, lima beans, kidney beans, etc.

-5 Any Packaged / Processed Food

-5 Fats including margarine, sprays, etc. (use olive or coconut oil)

-5 Dairy products including cow’s milk, cheese, cream, butter, etc.

-5 Fast Food

-5 Foods containing artificial sweetener, corn syrup, or sugar

-5 Soft drinks or Juice

-5 Alcohol (excluding red wine or tequila, no more than 2 servings daily)

-10 Any day you do not consume at least 3 servings of fruits and vegetables

-5 Protein drinks exceeding 2 daily

+2 2.5g of fish oil per day

+3 CrossFit (no credit for double workouts)

+3 Workout outside of CrossFit that meets the standards for an average WOD

+3 Rest days in which you dedicate a minimum of 20 minutes to foam rolling, stretching, and/or trigger point work.

+10 NO Cheat Day (one allowed weekly)

+100 Each Monday during Paleo Challenge 100

TOTAL EACH COLUMN, then add to the right

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